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Monday, July 22, 2013

Why I am a Vegan

I'm so discouraged about something.  Have a minute?  I'll share with you.

I am a vegan. (not a "pagan"---a VEGAN)  I care about the earth.  I care about what I put on and put IN my body.  It's NOT a religion.  I do not bow to mystic earth goddesses.  I do not wear a talisman. No. I just eat vegetables.  I eat them because it is healthy for my body and it is easier on the earth than is a meat diet which requires acres and acres of pasture and corn fields to support the cattle.

I get protein from vegetables.  The same as a cow gets protein from the vegetables he eats....The protein in a cow did not come from eating other meat.  No.  The cow got his protein from veggies.  The protein in a cow did not come from the sky.  The cow is made of protein because he ate VEGGIES.  I also get my calcium from veggies....and from almond milk.  Milk has calcium in it....but there are components in milk that cause more calcium to be excreted than is contained in the glass of milk.  It is a case of taking out more than what you put in.  HOWEVER, the calcium you get from plants STAYS in your body.  You body doesn't have to sap calcium from your bones to process the plants the way it does to process  the milk.

It's a matter of being educated about what you eat and then coming to a rational educated choice based on what you learned.  I tried to tell my dad yesterday that the way I eat is backed by thousands of scientific studies.  He refused to hear it....Just kept repeating 'It's not science.  It's a religion"

No Dad.  It's science.  Pure and simple.  How many scientific studies have YOU read about what you eat.  This irked me a great deal.  I dropped the subject because it's pointless.  He has been so indoctrinated by the lies propagated by the Beef and Dairy Association that he cannot hear or recognize truth when he hears it.  HIs mind is closed to the truth.

I have read a great deal about this.  And that is how I based my decision about how I eat.  The books I have read are not written by Buddhist monks.  They were written by scientists and doctors.

As a Christian I am convinced that one of the things we will have to give account for is the way we have treated our bodies and the earth God gave us  We are to be stewards of these things.  The Bible is clear on that.  The truth is when I eat properly I feel better and I have not had even a sniffle in two years.

I used to practice Yoga.  Before my body got too destroyed by the autoimmune disease I have.  My dad went round and around on this topic too.  He was convinced that by putting my body into those positions would lead me to open a path for evil spirits to inhabit me.  After debating it for several days...he finally conceded that my argument was sound.  It was merely a practice for exercise and to learn how to breathe and relax.  Just like "Prayer" can be either good or bad, depending on who you pray is either good or bad depending on how you meditate and who you are seeking to honor by assuming those positions.  Prayer itself is not holy.  The being that is HOLY is the God to whom you pray.

I believe that eating a vegan diet honors God because God gave me this body and by eating this way I am doing what is best for my body.  I do believe that if you want to eat a small amount of meat or other animal products it will not be too harmful to your long as the amount you ingest is 10% or less of your total diet.  For that reason, on Saturday I had a small ice cream cone and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is true that there are people who eat vegan and do yoga who are attempting to honor a false god.  Just as there are meat eaters who are mass murderers.  Don't you see? one has nothing to do with the other.

I think it is sad that vegan diets have come to be practiced by so  many people who practice false religions.  Christians---if they were thinking rightly and honoring God by the way they eat--should have a corner on a healthy diet.  Happy meals are NOT food they should be feeding their progeny.  I my ignorance my daughter ate her share of happy meals and I am very very regretful that at the most critical time in her life I exposed her to elements that could later on cause her to suffer from cancer.  That is not an extreme statement.  It is God's honest truth.

It is sad that when  you go into almost every health food store in the country, at the same place you can buy items used in worshiping false gods.  I would LOVE to hear of a health food store run by Christians who SHOULD be the most well and the ones who live the longest.  This is the path God has made for us to care for these bodies.  To learn more about the diet I have been following please look at the books, Eat to Live and Eat for Health by Doctor Joel Fuhrman.  There is also a Doctor MacDougall who has done a lot of research as well.  Following are some links you can follow to find out more.
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