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Saturday, May 18, 2013

What my Saturday Looks Like

Today is Saturday.  What's on tap?
1) I should really really work out.  That would include my recumbent bike and some strength training - preferably weights for arms and crunches for core.  There are many other core exercises available however many of them rely on putting weight on your shoulders (such as in the "Plank") and my shoulders are shot from my psoriatic those moves are out. (update: I worked out and burned over 330 calories Yay me!)
2) I need to take some bags of "stuff" to my church to donate them for an upcoming yard sale.  Because my  husband is balking and being completely unhelpful about that...I may have to call on the good graces of another friend.  Sometimes I wonder why I bothered getting married. (Update: got rid of aforementioned bags....House is already looking less cluttered)
3) The lens fell out of my if my gracious driver friend is willing, I would also like to go to the glasses store to get the lens put back in. (Update: done!)
4)  Need to cook a healthy dinner today.  I'm not sure what.  Possibly sweet potato nachos and a salad. (Update...yes, that's what I'm making)
5)  Would like to go for a walk with my daughter but that will entirely depend on the degree to which she is recovered from bad cramps which have been plaguing her. (update: it's raining)
6)  I need to pick out an outfit to wear for my portrait which will be going into the church directory.  Why WHY couldn't they have waited until I lost at least another 40 pounds????? (I picked out an outfit and it fits me a lot better now than it did a few weeks ago so stop complaining!)

I also lost my keys.  I don't know where (obviously....if I did, they wouldn't be lost)
I also bought a package of coconut icepops at the store....and ate the entire package myself.  Oh YES I DID!!  Not feeling proud of that at the moment....but AM feeling once again eager to get with the program . Due to marital discord and family issues I had a terrible self destructive urge to eat something evil.....I did but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.  And now it's out of my system and I'm ready to be good and to lose some more weight.  Not to justify myself because what I did was at the least, ill advised.....but it did get the devil off of my shoulder.  Now it's time to get back onto the wagon and be serious once again.
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