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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons to Live By

Today we had a 5:00 PM appointment at our vet to follow up for our kitty's surgery.  We did that.  Then there was some concern raised because there was sugar in her possible diabetes.  Anyway, that appointment took like forever.  We didn't get out of there until 6:30 so my husband took pity on me and told me to order a pizza so I wouldn't have to come home and cook at that (for me) ungodly hour. (I know there are those of you who work and never get home before 7:00---you have my prayers and admiration).

So, if you've been reading here you know I've been following Dr Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live diet and have thus far lost 15 pounds.  I debated over eating the pizza.  I really did.  I decided I would "taste it"....I did.  I took several bites and found it to be disgusting.  It was salty as licking a salt rock and it was greasy.  UGH.  So I abandoned slice and got a bowl of strawberries and a hand full of walnuts instead.  MUCH better!!  The pizza served the selfish purpose of feeding my family and excusing me from cooking....but I really hurt my family by doing that because look how they ate!!!  My husband is still flirting with chest pain.  And I feed him PIZZA????  Guilty as charged.  OK. I'm feeling appropriately shamed now.

Lesson ? Try not to schedule appointments at dinner time.
Lesson #2?  If you ARE out, make a salad before you leave so you at least can serve that when you get home.
Lesson #3? Do not even TASTE pizza again because it is not tolerable.
Lesson #4? Stay away from DH because he is NOT happy.
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