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Thursday, May 2, 2013

As God's Kids.....

Two thoughts struck me lately and they both have implications about the faithfulness of God.  The first was in a book called "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist" by Matt Tommey. He talked about how our provision is guaranteed because we are God's kids.  Now I do know some Christians are poor....but if they trust their God, I know he sustains them.  Matt talked about how if we take risks and invest the raw materials God has given us (the "talents" or "minas" as in the parable), then God will be faithful to bless and increase our wealth.  I am NOT promoting a "name and and claim it" prosperity gospel here.  Nor am I stating that we have to work to earn God's favor. I am just stating that as God's kids we have some rights.  And these rights are not based on what we do to earn them....the only thing God expects of us is to live in faith and to utilize that which he's given us.  The rest is ours because we are his kids.

The second thought  I had came last night at my Bible  Study. We were studying the account of David and Goliath....and I was so struck by David's absolute confidence in the Lord's plan and ability to defend the holiness of his own name.  He was so confident of that, that he laid  his life right on the line and expected that God would back him up.  He went out there and told that trash-talking giant that "The whole land would know that there is a God in Israel who can kick the pants off of any god or any army that dares oppose him"  And then David cashed in all the hours he'd spent practicing with his sling and hurled that stone and the giant fell face first  to the ground.

Now David had had to prepare....he had to get good with the sling.  He had to be faithful with the little bit assigned to him and he took care of those sheep to the best of his ability.  And then came the moment when God let him cash in all that preparation and gave him a resounding victory....which victory David did not claim as his own but rather called it "The Lord's Victory."  So what struck me about this story?  And what did it have in common with Matt Tommey's book?

1) Because we are children of the King we can expect God to meet our needs and to fight our battles.
2) We must be faithful to invest in the areas he's put under our control but when we do
3) God will bountifully reward our faithfulness.

What does that have to do with me? ... A disabled woman who hardly has any money to her name and who cannot work for a living?  Well, I am to be faithful in the tasks he's given me to do.  I am to fully invest myself in that which I have the strength to manage and I do not have to fret about having our needs met.  God will meet them.  He will take care of us....because I am his kid.
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