How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apart from Me....

...You can do nothing.  Those words in today's emailed Bible Verse resounded in me as I read them.  Last night a pipe sprang a leak in the cellar.  I shut the well off and then made a flurry of phone calls trying to locate a plumber.  No one.  Not one was available.  So I decided that that was  just as well so I could go to prayer meeting and avoid paying an emergency visit fee.  This morning  I called several places and the phones rang off into infinity without a reply.  But one man answered....and he got the job.  Now I know nothing about this plumber except that he is God's man for this job....because God neatly eliminated all the competition.

Apart from me, you can do nothing.

So why do we try so hard to save our own butts?  Why do we congratulate ourselves on weight loss or good grades or appointments to high places?  It's all God, isn't it?  And one thing I know about God is, he doesn't like anyone stealing his before you go out and brag that you did this and'd better have an awakening before the face of God.  Let HIM show you exactly how much you were responsible for your successes.  Let HIM tell you who enabled your weight loss or found your plumber or made that deal.

Give credit where credit is due.  And tell worry to take a hike because GOD is on the job.
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