How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Goings On

I know it has been like a record long time since I've posted.  There has been not much to talk about although now that I think about  it there is a lot going on.
For one thing I've begun knitting again after about 30 years off.  Years ago, in High School someone gave me a book on how to knit for left handers.  My mother told me, "You can't learn to knit from a book!"  My response? "WATCH ME"....that was all the incentive I needed.  So I did.  And not only did I knit but I made patterns and made some pretty outrageous clothing back then. I wish I had a picture of this one sweater in particular that I made.  Anyway, about the time that I got married, I stopped knitting.

So this week I made myself a Reader's Shawl. I will include some pics here for you to see it.  After my first two days of doing little else but knitting, I had a terrible flare in my right hand.  Actually both of them hurt but the left one was epic.  It was so swollen that it went numb and I couldn't use it at all.  So last Saturday I spent the day doing everything I could think of it alleviate that pain.  Gingerly I started knitting again, at first doing just short stints ...but eventually was able to get back into some decent stretches. Also I've ordered a pair of gloves especially for people with wrist problems to help them knit. So hopefully that too will be a help.

The other thing that is going on is that my husband today is going to be in the hospital having cardiac stents placed in his chest.  He has been scared to death.  For some reason he is convinced that he will not survive the procedure.....which is possible but not likely.  Last night when he left....he gave me a big  "goodbye" hug.  It was so sad. I wish I could alleviate his fears.  I am looking forward to going to visit him in the hospital today after the procedure is done.  His mood should be ecstatic and relieved.   But until then I just am praying that God will hold him and keep him safe.  I pray that he will somehow be able to trust God in this.  I know that he relies on MY prayers but has trouble praying prayers of his own.  I hope that one day that will change

So that is what is going on.  The only other thing is that my daughter is spending the week here with us while my husband begins his recovery. It has been great to have her here. I miss her so much.
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