How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peace in the Tumult

Jehovah-Shalom: the covenant keeping God of redemption who brings us peace.  I've been in the midst of turbulent waters and my canoe has broken up and vanished quite a while ago.  As you may know, my husband has been facing serious health issues; I've just gotten out of major surgery a week ago tomorrow; and now today I got a phone call that my husband was in a serious car accident.  He had minor injuries but the car was totaled.  Now this is an older car that is still not paid off....and it was paid for through a private loan...which means that the money we receive from the insurance company really should go to the people who hold our loan. Which means that we are in desperate need of a car with which to get my husband to and from work and we have no means of getting one. do I lose my fears?  How do I trust this God who tells me to trust him when one by one the columns around me which are supporting the ceiling over my head are crumbling?  It can  only be by having a right-sized view of God.  God is on the move in my life.  He is actively at work.  I have thrown myself at his feet in intercession and petition.  I have comforted myself with the knowledge that he knows perfectly well what he is up to and he WILL bring it to pass with or without my permission.  God has proven himself time and again to be a big God who has provided over and over exactly what we need.  Now, it is true.  What I think I need and what God thinks I need may be two different things. Me? I would choose a cushy path. A path without too many bumps and twists and not too many challenges.  God however is the God of the roller coaster.  The God of death spirals and gut wrenching drops.  He is a God who writes the plot to a movie that leaves you gasping in your seat; afraid to peek through the fingers you hold over your eyes...a plot that has 3,000 threads.....and it ends with every thread contributing to a beautiful bow with which God ties up the plot....with every fear allayed. every need met, every love returned, every danger tamed.

That's how God writes scripts.  And that is what he is doing in  my life right now.  I don't know what he's up to.  I don't know how he will pull it off....I just know that he WILL accomplish his purposes in whatever it is he has planned for me and for my family.  I know that our only safety; our only peace is in Jehovah-Shalom.  He is the only source of safety, provision, health and life , and comfort. I just need to stay out of his way as he goes to work.  I just need to pray rather than panic.

Please pray for my family and myself.  Pray that God gets the job done that he has begun.  Pray for our peace in the midst of it.
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