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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Sacrifice of Praise

Maybe some of you know this about me: I am fat.  LOL....I refuse to use a euphimism like "overweight" or "plump"....It's true that my weight gain is not entirely my fault.  I've been on steroids for months at a time and if you've ever been on a high dose of those, you know that you are NOT in control of what you put in your mouth.  NOR are you in control of what your body does with what you put in your mouth.  Guaranteed, it will put it in the worst two places possible: your stomach and your face.  However, months have passed since my last bout with steroids and I have only lost ten pounds of the ummmm 70 I regained. (after losing 70 two or three years ago).  Why is that?  I eat too much --although honestly, I do not eat massive quantities of things very often....but the truth is: if it is in my house-- I will eat it.  So the trick is not to allow things into my house.

Mistake of the day?  I baked cookies today.  True they are "only " 50 calories per cookie and filled with nutritious stuff like flaxseed meal nonetheless, 50x 10 =500.  So you see where I'm going here.
And this is after a week of eating within my calorie range and exercising almost every day. I"m thinking that these cookies are gonna have to go into the trash can., I saw a website called and it is all about getting our bodies and our souls into shape (not in that order).  It's about our spiritual obligation to be physically as healthy as we can be.  I honestly am NOT as healthy as I can be.  But I desperately want to be so.  And I have not been approaching this task in the true sense that it is: a spiritual quest.  Getting my body into shape is an act of praise to my Creator.  And knowing that puts an altogether new slant on whether or not to pop that cookie into my mouth.

David said, I will not offer a sacrifice to God that costs me nothing.  Abraham was willing to offer the love of his life, his own son, - a sacrifice as costly as they come. Surely I can  offer God the sacrifice of the food I could eat but really should  not eat?  Surely I can offer to sweat for the sake of the Lord?  Surely the pain of some sore muscles is not too much to demand of myself on his behalf.  True. My body is not your ordinary body.  I have artificial hips - that keep dislocating; I have shoulder joints that are bone grinding on bone; I have feet that are so painful that it feels like I'm walking on broken glass.  PLUS, I cannot breathe with any ease.

HOWEVER: God gave me this body.  It is not to much to ask that I do everything in my power to make it a healthy weight and a decent strength...and to do so with the intention of bringing him honor and praise for the strength and health he has given me.  So that, folks, is my new quest.  I will bring you along for the ride and will report to you my progress, thoughts and struggles.  And the website I recommend you check out is
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