Natalie Grant "More than Anything"

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I feel hesitant to write.  Unqualified to speculate on the sadness that is gripping our nation for twenty four or five children who have gone to be with Jesus; at the grief of the parents they've left behind..those unopened Christmas presents.  The silence on Christmas morning.

I give you a song.  In fact this whole album speaks to the pain that is ripping us apart.  Go to this site and download the album, or at least listen to the songs.

To those who are dealing with loss today....loss of any kind: I pray for you.  I pray:

Lord see this sorrow.  You hear the thoughts and the muffled tears. You know the private agony being experienced today.  God, bring your comfort.  Bring to us the hope of redemption.  Bring to us the confidence in the fact of justice.  Wrap your loving arms around the sad hearts of our Nation today and assure us that there will be a time for those who love you, where Death will no longer have a say.  Where Evil and Cruelty do not exist any longer.  Bring that time quickly LOrd and may it find us ready to receive it.
In the Holy, loving name of Jesus I pray.
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