How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pre-Surgical Prayer
 The  day started with early dishes then back to recline, slumber drawing my lids.  My friend arrived to clean my house.  I should have worked out and showered but because I could not work it around her, I did neither ....Nor did I fully dress....wearing for the most part, what  I wore yesterday.  Today, dread has clutched my throat.  Worry about the impending surgery has grabbed my thoughts.  How will they get an IV line in me? How will I get down into DH's car to come home?  Who will cook? I should certainly cook ahead and freeze meals. Oh! I am afraid!
Then Ann Voskamp wrote, that "when you are turned away from God, life turns ugly, but when you are turned toward God, life turns lovely."  ( )
She then went on to quote Spurgeon...with a quote that ended with "The sacred has absorbed the secular."  How quiet work becomes a sacrament.  our breath, Incense.

Is my life turned toward God?  I have to answer that right now, It' s not.  But I desire it to be.  "Lord, turn my heart toward you in the manner that Mary turned her soul toward you to receive from your Spirit the seed of the Messiah.  Implant in me you will; your ways; your wishes...make them my own.  Then turn my work into sacrament; my clothing to vestments.

"As I surrender my body to the needle and knife, may it be YOU holding the blade.  Cut out of me that which is broken and obdurate and  implant in me something steady, shining; that turns on its axis in the direction you shall point.  May it be secure, dependable. May it live and move directed by you; pleasing to you."

I will give him the details and trust that he make them right and smooth.
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