How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, November 5, 2012


Today, in a continuing effort to meet WEGO Health's Blog Challenge, I will address the topic of listing three things that I'm grateful for, or excite me, or inspire me.

At the moment today, I'm grateful that I didn't gain weight despite some very poor food choices in the past two days.  And I'm inspired by the people on SparkPeople .com, especially those in the RAD Team that I lead.  These people face disability and severe pain daily and yet they continue to get up in the morning, and exercise and monitor what they eat.  They are either overweight and striving to attain a healthy weight, or they are previously overweight and now are maintaining.  These ladies do things like kickboxing which I couldn't imagine doing in my worst nightmare.  Me, I just peddle my recumbent bike with as must gusto as I can muster and I'm lucky if I do that much.  I'm excited by the thought of one day attaining the weight I really should be.

But I did this wrong.  I was supposed to tell you three things in one category...not one thing in three categories.  OK, I will go back to the gratitude topic.

I'm exceedingly grateful for my friend, Betty, who does house and office cleaning who has decided to bless me by cleaning my house for a very moderate price.  She does this because she knows I cannot do it for myself ....Just think, you drop something on the floor, and more often than not, it will have to remain there.  Things get messy real fast.

I'm also grateful for my friends who drive me places.  God bless them ...even in days of expensive gas and these post hurricane days of hard to get gas.....they are still willing to take me to the pharmacy and to my doctor appointments and to church...God has given me this small troupe of people who bless me over and over.  I do not take them for granted.  I would love to honor them....Maybe by putting their names here that would honor them to a small degree.  Ok, here they are:

Becky- my best friend and most wonderful driver who frequently drives me to NY to MD appts.
My  Dad-who drives an hour to my house , then drives me and then drives an hour back to his house.
Ralph-who has a car held together by wishes and bandaids yet who is always willing if it is in his
power to take me to grocery stores or to church or to get a haircut.
Jeanette and her husband Bob who, when they can, drive me to church or to a doctor appointment.
Kathy- who drives from NJ occasionally to take me to the doctor, who will be moving to WA state and who will be sorely missed.
And Nestor-the brave man who tackles NYC traffic and takes me about once a month to my rhuematologist in the City.

If I've forgotten anyone, I apologize, but these are the core of my faithful drivers and they bless me time and time again.  I appreciate you and thank God for you.
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