Bring the Rain, By: Mercy Me

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God with Us

I finally got the software I've been lusting after, Studio ArtRage Pro.  With this I will be able finally to do watercolors on my cyber tablet.  I also bought a replacement pen for the tablet because mine was broken.  Frustration piled upon frustration however because the pen for some reason, isn't working properly.  I contacted Adesso who thought it was an issue with the drivers.  They sent me a new driver and while it helped, it did not solve the problem.  I'm so frustrated by this delay.  I have two paintings on a back burner and I'm eager to get to them.

While technology opens many doors a slight technical snaffoo can completely derail our attempts to use our equipment.  Face it, there are not too many technical difficulties one can encounter with a pencil and a paint brush!  And if you do encounter a problem, they are the type of issues that we can deal with using our common sense.  When a tablet malfunctions, unless you are a genius engineer, there is very little we can do about it... we are helpless.  We are dependent.

So it is we are forced to deal in extremes...either the sky is the limit---or you are completely shut down....I'm so frustrated by this pen issue, it makes me want to attempt to revert to manual methods of art making.  However my disease prevents that from working also.  My hands just will not cooperate with a brush and pen and paint. 

So I"m screwed...

...Dependent on an answer from the help desk at Adesso.

It just gets me thinking about dependance and helplessness.  None of us like to be helpless  or dependent on something to function in order for us to be effective at doing what we need or want to do.  I was thinking about how God, was totally in control of every aspect --of himself and of his creation.  If he wanted to flood the earth, he could; to send a plague:done!  If he wanted to fly from one corner of the earth to the opposite side, or to another galaxy....just think the thought and he was there!

That God.  With that kind of power....set it all aside.  Accepted the tight quarters, extreme helplessness and dependence of a womb. He came onto the scene in a filthy stable.  Child of a poor couple....not even in charge of his own bowel movements.  I cannot wrap my mind around that.  That is like the most tech savvy guru suddenly unable to play a crossword puzzle....whereas before, every piece of accessible information was at his fingertips.  It's like a world class gymnast, who was in charge of every muscle, suddenly suffering spinal cord injury and not being able to move a finger.  God did this and more. He did it voluntarily.  Why? To be Emmanuel.  God with us.
WE are dependent.  We came into the world via the same helpless manner.  He wanted to be one of us. To know our frustrations... to share our dependance.

Emmanuel. God with us.
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