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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Facebook and your Health

WEGO Health blogger- day 10.
Why or why not should people post about their health or the health of loved ones on FB?

Facebook is an expression of who we are.  If an illness splashes itself on the sides of our craft or threatens to capsize us completely...then to me it just makes sense that it would be reported on FB.  However, some people are militant in their fight to keep their lives OFF of FB and other social media.  I guess it really is a matter of preference...For myself, I may make mention of times when I'm in especial pain..  Otherwise  I do not often use FB as a health reporting site.  FB can be a means of passing along a prayer....or a smile....or a hug to someone in need of one.  It can be a means of soliciting many prayers rapidly in times of crisis.  Should FB be a log of our daily aches and pains??  I don't think so...that gets old very quickly.

And the problem with pages specific to health; to groups such as "Sick and Tired" and "RA Warrior" the problem here is that there is an illusion of privacy and intimacy but the truth is that our entries on these page get posted on the feed just like anything else on FB ....for that reason you have to really think carefully before sharing anything.  So with FB like anything else these days one must be smart and careful how they use it.
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