How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, November 12, 2012


For this my 12th post out of the WEGO 30 posts in 30 day challenge I am called to unmask some piece of "BS" in my life....something - some child of bureaucracy that is ridiculous and which makes my life even more diffcult.  I would have to say that it is the hassle surrounding the obtaining of legitimately needed pain medication.  I have a pain management doctor...he is board certified and has hospital privileges so is considered by the hospital administration to be a competent physician.  He knows my medical situation intimately.  He knows based on his experience that someone with test  results like mine, has got to be in some serious pain.  He has tried all the lower doses and less extreme drugs and they have all failed to manage my pain.  And so he has come  up with a program of medication that is custom suited to my needs, tolerances and circumstances.  All of this has taken many months.

So how is it that when I come into a hospital....the same one that employs him, ....that doctors immediately decrease my pain meds.  Doctors who know nothing of my pain or my history...yet feel themselves to be awarded the position by God of deliverer from addiction.  Their position is that no one should be taking pain meds and if they are and must then they must take the smallest dose possible...not the smallest dose tolerable but the smallest dose possible.  And so my hospitalization--which is likely already uncomfortable inherently--is made to be torturous.

And this is only capped by a pharmacist who too feels endued by God with the charge to eradicate drug addiction single-handedly.  These guys have the nerve to pooh-pooh a valid doctor's prescription and to refuse to fill the medication.  Excuse me?? Did you go to medical school? Do you have any knowledge of my medical needs or history?  What gives you the right to circumvent my doctor's prescription (who btw, HAS gone to medical school and DOES know my history).

Yes, there are abusers.  There are junkies.  But why must I constantly have to defend my need for pain management?  When I go to an ER do they say to me, "You are taking synthroid.  who gave  you this?  who said you have hypothyroidism?? Why are they giving you this dose?" NO.  You never see that.  Doctors do not have to defend themselves in giving any med except pain meds.  Why?? When they are a valid drug meeting a valid medical need?

This is incredible BS.  It should  be "unaddicted unless proven otherwise"...I should not immediately be suspect.  A diabetic is dependent on insulin.  They will get very sick without it.  In the same way, I need my pain meds and I'm tired of having to defend my right to treatment.
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