Bring the Rain, By: Mercy Me

Friday, November 9, 2012

a Care Package from one who Cares

I am the leader of a support group--a subgroup of Sparkpeople .com--and the group is called, "Living with RAD (rhuematoid arthritic disease)" ....I so much wish I could create a little care package for each member for a day when they may need some extra comfort.  There are over 1400 members to that group so coming up with 1400 care packages is really NOT going to happen...But if I did, what would I put in it?

I would put a card with the links to exercise programs and stretching programs designed especially for those of us with RAD printed on them to correspond to the internet address of those resources.  I would include a soap....lavender-- and lavender scented Epsom salts in a pretty pouches to be poured into a bath....I would include tea with passion flower, chamomile, lavender flowers, kava kava and valerian root in it.  This would be a powerful pain killing relaxant tea.  And I would give them a special that fits well into the hand of someone who has twisted, swollen, weak hands.  It would be a light weight mug with an enormous loop for the fingers.

I would also enclose a little pillow with aromatherapy things in it....either pine needles, lavender flowers, or some other such thing for them to inhale and relax with .  I would include lotion gloves for hand and feet and a small container of lydocaine ointment to rub into their appendages and then put the gloves on.  I would also include warming gloves which hold rice or some such substance to heat and put on over the lotion and lotion gloves to heat the ointment into the skin.  I would put a shoulder wrap which heats up in the microwave as well as a clay filled one that has a strap for a knee.

I would include thera-putty in different strengths for them to squeeze in their hands as they read or watch TV.
And lastly, I would enclose a Bible because when all comforts fail, there is one who Never Fails....and it is on him they should place their hope.

My friends, I so much wish I could do all of this for you.  Know that my heart holds these gifts for you with wishes for strength and courage and much endless Hope.
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