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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing on the Blank Slate of Today

ok. First matter of business: Frank Peretti, you are forgiven. Illusion was an amazing, remarkable book and in fact, was the best one I've read in a long time.

That night though....the night before last, was horrible.  Paranoia unabated, with no one there to reassure me and to tell me all was well and all was going to stay well, is sheer misery.

Today, the day stretches in front of interminable expanse.  I can't "paint" on my computer because the laptop I'm currently using doesn't have the software on it in order to do my virtual artwork. I'm waiting for my new laptop to arrive (a Toshiba Satellite C series) which is going to be a very cool piece of equipment.  I've customized it and upgraded it so that it's gonna be fast and have a ton of memory.  I
managed to swing that via a loan from my dad which I will pay off as quickly as I can.  Once I get that then I can load all of my ArtRage, Adesso, and PsE8 software and then I'm in business.  I really hate the process of getting a new computer up to speed...getting everything loaded on it and whatnot, but it's a necessary part of life these days, isn't it?

Maybe I will invite my friend and her kids over to use the beach in my community.  I've never even been there other than to drive by it. I tried walking there two years ago, but it was too far for me to make it--even back then and in good shape.  Of course the question exists, "Do I have a bathing suit big enough to contain my booty?" LOL (I was going to say "beauty" and decided "booty" was more appropriate :) )

I just saw a quote from Francis Chan on Facebook., "Every single thing you do in your life, apart from loving God and loving his people, is a waste of time."  So as I'm considering what to do with  my day, maybe I should keep that in mind also.  I wondered how all of our  lives would change were each of us to approach our days with that quote in the forefront of our minds?
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