How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Recently I had the great privilege of being asked by ANS (ASSIST New Service) to write my story for their news service, after I'd written a letter to them in response to a plea for feedback from their readers.  Michael Ireland  - a journalist who works for ANS along with its founder Dan Wooding, a well-known journalist, whom I had the great privilege of meeting at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers' Conference (GPCWC) this past August - wrote me an email following the publication of my letter in his article and asked me to write my story for their email publication.  Dan  Wooding spoke at one of our assemblies there, I believe in the closing chapel meeting and enthralled us with his fascinating life and professional story.

Here is the link to my story (this is normally an online email subscription service -free- which goes out, I believe, all over the world.) Holding Fast to my Rock
And here is the link to the ANS website - ASSIST News Service - where you may also sign up for regular delivery of articles, bios , current events, and news from the Persecuted Church around the world.  Great Reads!
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