How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Brief" Update

I've gotten my blood test results...and other than being anemic, most everything else fell into the "normal" range...This is good - but odd.  Why is it then that I'm completely stuffed full of fluid and nothing I do has released that fluid?  To me, this is very odd...nonetheless, the normal results can only be a good thing I would imagine.  I received a lovely email from a friend today who asserts that God is keeping me here because "we need your words."  For those of you who do not know it, I have another "younger" blog at - there I've published some of my poetry and some artwork...Overall it is less waterlogged with words than is this blog. But if you've found some kind of appreciation or delight for my words, you might look there for a few more.

I wrote a letter recently to Assist News- an email news publication run by Dan Wooding and others which I've been receiving since the Writers' Conference a few months ago.  I wrote the letter in response to their request for letters from readers describing how they use the email publication.  I was quite embarrassed to receive the article which resulted from this letter of mine and those of others in response to that plea put out by Assist News....and to find that my letter was quoted in its entirety and alongside the article was the picture of me that I'd enclosed (also as per their request)...As usual I probably wrote more than I should have...not realizing that they would use the whole thing.

If you are visiting this blog as a result of that article, "welcome"--make yourself at home.  I would recommend the many articles in the blog archive
I've been undergoing a severe struggle physically and not knowing what the future would hold for me. 
  I'm not sure why God has chosen this particular path for me but am grateful that somehow he plans to use my words to encourage those who suffer and to cause some of you readers who obviously have the gift of encouragement to use that gift in my direction or in the direction of someone in your own life who too, suffers at the hands of mental or physical illness.  God has his reasons and sometimes they are past our finding out--here on this earth anyway.

So blessings to you tonight, my friends and those who are visiting.  May you find here somehow, words that encourage you wherever you find yourself in your life tonight or tomorrow.
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