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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rules of Blogging

-NEVER write posts when you're : tired, hungry, angry, lonely, hurting, (And yes, AA stole this rule from me...!)

-And when you DO write a post in one of these states, make SURE you don't publish it immediately...but let it sit for at least twelve hours while you sleep, eat, vent, call a friend, or take a pill....and THEN, and only then, look it over and reconsider. Chances are, you will pitch the thing in the recycle bin and start fresh.

Those are just two rules of blogging...the two which are relevant to me at the moment because if you were unlucky enough to read this morning's post which prematurely graced the lead spot in this blog would see that I resoundingly broke that rule all to smithereens by writing a post in the middle of last night when I was all FIVE of those conditions simultaneously. And I broke the cardinal rule...I pushed the "Post" button WAY before it should have been fact it NEVER should have been pushed.

Legitimate or not as my points were...they were most likely coming from left field for all of you nice folks because you didn't know what spawned that particular rant....and I'm sure you were all just left wondering: "Did she just really lose it, once and for all? And are the men in the white suits on their way to her house now....with a really comfortable bed for her to take a llllooonng rest in?" So rather than going through a long (painful) explanation of a post which never should have made it to the blog in the first place...I just pulled it. Sorry if that caused any confusion for anyone.

And I also apologize for and retract any statements I made which might have been out of line. And if you have any dirty socks you would like me to wash out in penance...send me an email...but DON'T send me your socks.

OK...corny. i KNOW!
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