How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Sunday, August 14, 2011


....I'm so excited to share with you the results of my past two days spent at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference! It was a challenging, learning-packed two days; chock full of information; meeting wonderful, loving, people who are committed to the purpose of 'Writing HIS Answers" to our wounded and bleeding culture and in a wounded and bleeding world. And not only were they committed to loving the world, they were committed to loving me and each other.

I attended the conference in a wheelchair....and was in so much pain for the latter half of the time there...that I couldn't function. These people, one by one, came alongside me...pushed my wheelchair from meeting to meeting, carried my meal trays...even carried my bags, and gave me back rubs. The drove me from dorm to meeting...and back. They blessed me over and over with the fragrance of the love of Christ. And I want to thank you....if you are one of those angels who attending this weekend who ministered to me!

And I have exciting , news! I had three appointments with editors and professionals in the field. The first two were incredibly encouraging and supportive of my efforts, manuscript and ministry.... And the third appointment, literally taking place in the last fifteen minutes that I was on campus there at Philadelphia Bible College....was interested. Supportive. Curious. And wants my manuscript! I have six months in which to hand them a publication ready manuscript.

Praise Jesus--
I can become an author!

I cannot express to you what a victory this is for me--a "hopelessly ill" schizophrenic woman, whose doctor two years ago wanted to toss her into a state psychiatric institution and throw away the key! Praise God--He DOES NOT THROW AWAY PEOPLE!

Please stay tuned with me for the months ahead. I have much to learn and a short time in which to learn it and much work to do in order to get this book into print.

Thank YOU all for the role you've played in encouraging me merely by your presence here as readers of my blog. You have shown me by your interest, the need for this blog and the need for this book...Blessings to you all.

In great joy and gratitude....
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