How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thoughts from the Homebound

You know your life is boring when you begin to take photos of the way the light shines through your water bottle.

You know your life is boring when the greatest excitement of the day is choosing and then struggling to get your socks on.

You know your life is boring when a friend offers to take you with her to pick up her kids from school, and you JUMP at the chance...just to see another human face.

....when your spam gets you happy and you actually READ it!

....when you start ordering books you already own on Amazon for your Kindle, just for the fun of it.

....when you stare at the light filtering through your white curtains and are entranced by it, knowing it is the most beautiful thing you will see all day.

....when you get into the car of a friend to go to the pharmacy and out of sheer joy, you want to hang your head out of the window like your dog used to let the wind make your cheeks flap and to feel the fresh air on your face.

....when you are dismayed that you have Vonage and thus never get any phone calls for advertising purposes...It would be REALLY nice to talk to someone...EVEN someone who mispronounces your name. (I always wonder if they deliberately..the name is so simple, you'd have to do it deliberately to get it wrong).

Make someone's day today. Stop in for a visit. Give a call on the phone...Offer to take them to the store...It's an easy way to be loved.
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