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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Limitations of Psychology

Today I met for the first time with a new psychologist and a new psychiatrist. The latter appointment went well...and the former did also, in that I liked her and we had an immediate repoire. However, when she'd gotten done taking my history, she informed me that, ethically, she could not take me on as her patient. This was bad news to me...she'd been my last hope in a mental health professionally-deprived area.

The problem was, as she carefully explained to me, that I need to be seen "at least twice a week" and to do anything less would be irresponsible and legally risky to her. And we cannot afford even a quarter of those copays. Plus, my insurance will only pay for thirty mental health days per year. They would be gone in a month.

My advice to you: don't be a "very troubled" person if you make too much money to qualify for assistance and still don't have enough to live. There is some possiblity that I might qualify for state medical assistance on the basis of my disability, but the quality of care would suffer, most likely. There is also the liklihood that we would have to contribute too much money to the spend down to make it feasible to us. Funny: too poor for Medicaid.

I know that God has some plan to provide for those needs, but I don't really have any idea what it is at this point. I've been without a therapist for over a year now...since the last one dumped me via email. I still don't know what I'd done to deserve that. Every professional I've told about it since then cannot believe the manner in which it was done either. No one can fathom a therapist acting so irresponsibly and unkindly...but there it is.

So, I wait...pray...look into my options for medical assistance...and pray some more.
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