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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is Thanksgiving ever Redundant??

It's Thanksgiving morning, and I am, for the first time in a while, sitting down to write a post; having nothing pressing in my mind about which to write. I think that the "obvious topic" is Thanksgiving but for a moment struggled with feeling silly about writing on a topic about which EVERYONE and EVERYTHING seems to have focused for the past two weeks or so. I got to thinking about that. Is there ever such a thing as "too much gratitude"?

Well, I think that there is certainly such a thing as too much insincerity; too much shallow praise; too many empty compliments all offered out of some sense of obligation...But no, I don't think that it is ever wrong to try to incorporate a continual awareness of our dependence on Providence (ie: God); a knowledge of our complete helplessness in the grand scheme of things; and a heart that rejoices in the goodness of said Providence to grant us all that He does, indeed, give us.

Throughout Scripture, God continually reiterates to His people their need to REMEMBER all that He has historically and constantly done for and given them. What does this recollection and Mindful awareness do for us?

  1. It reminds of of how much we are loved...(Can there ever be too much of that???)
  2. It gives us a sense of security and removes our fear.
  3. And at the same time, it spawns an awareness in us of our great need to keep things "right" between us and the Power that keeps, protects, provides for, and loves us.
  4. And finally, it removes from us that bitterness that is so rampant in today's society of "things not being fair;" that angry "what's in it for me?;" that accusation that shakes our fist in God's face and demands that He act differently than He does.
And no, I don't think there can ever be too much of the consequences of all of the above. A joyful heart. A sense of security. A heart which knows it is loved and which responds with love in return....

I think that many people, because they do not know from whence their blessings come, can try too hard to come across as being thankful...and that's when it can wear thin and sound insincere. Not that it is ever wrong to try to be grateful, but if it is an aimless gratitude; a random shot in the dark and I think it is limited in its usefulness. That's when Thanksgiving becomes about eating turkey, gathering with relatives, and eating too many desserts...and Christmas becomes about seeing how much "stuff" we can give and get and decorating our houses. This is the breeding ground for the cynicism and bitter lonely emptiness that too often marks the Holiday season in our world. Gifts without a Giver just lack something that is really vital....

Anyway...just some thoughts I thought I would share with you...

Have a blessed and joyous day, no matter where you are or who you are with! Remember that the Giver of all good things is right there with you and just waiting for you to see His hands at work!

BTW; I am going out for a sushi dinner and a movie today with my husband and daughter....That's their choice for how to celebrate today...I am just going to treasure the fact that we are together and that I'm home for the holiday and not in the hospital!!

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