How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

headin' home - ?

I have a head full of thoughts and various Word documents littering my laptop's hard drive, with which I shall return to my home (optimistically speaking, that should be later today) and try to span the gaps with bold bounds and cross my T's and dot my i's, all so that I may give voice to some unutterable truths that God has been trying to drill? drum?? drip ....that's it....a drizzle actually, into my mind to make a bit more sense of my life and where to take it from here.

That may have been an all time record for run-on if you found yourself up to your neck in clauses and had very little resolution, let me try to say it "short and sweet":

I'm going home. I have lots to think about. And hopefully that will lead me to have lots to say, once I get organized. STAY TUNED FOR MORE STUFF!!

Also, due to my husband's marvelous talent and predeliction for online research, "I" have "discovered" new data with which to inform and encourage you as you deal with mental illness; either that of your own or of a family member. I will try hard to discipline myself to put it all down here in manageable and userfriendly form. So come back to visit often; or follow this blog, or make use of the RSS feed feature, so that you don't miss nuttin'. As always, I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, and even criticisms. Please comment freely. BFN my friends.
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