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Saturday, January 23, 2016

What's New?

Yesterday the mail brought me two items of interest.  One is an Mp3 player and because I can't stand/don't trust Apple,  I bought a Zune. My daughter laughed at me and called me "old school"--but if you look, you will see that Zunes have an active following of people who know that this is the best thing going in Mp3's. Zunes are expensive--which is why I bought a reconditioned one with a two year warranty.  (Update : do NOT buy a Zune! Microsoft no longer supports Zune with software. You can't load on your music and you cannot purchase new. I was returning it).The only problem is that my computer is not up to snuff.  It needs some maintenance and most of all it needs some kind of new driver from Lenovo, to make it compatible with Windows  10.  Right now I have no audio --which is like working with half of a computer.  I'm going to drop it off on Monday to "my guy"--my all time favorite computer repairman and his sidekick - a techno-geek genius.  I will see if they can work their magic and get my computer back to where it should be and then I will  download the Zune software and transfer my music onto it.  It will be hard to wait til then to hear my music.  Even my Kindle Fire is no help because the earphone port is only working on one channel.

The other thing that came in the mail was  a fountain pen which I got for $7. My dad has the same one and he goes on these pen forums etc....and everyone is talking about how nicely this pen writes.  I wouldn't know bottle of ink is buried in my desk (I think ) and my desk is the old fashioned kind where the top lifts up held by hinges...and I have so much stuff piled on top of that desk, that it will take a half hour to move it all away.  Actually my desk really could use a good cleaning out as well.  Maybe that will be a  good task for this snowy afternoon.

On Monday I have an MD appointment--urology--the kind of MD no one wants to see. LOL. And on Wed. I go for my second appointment with the rheumatologist  when we will decide whether or not to proceed with the Cimzia injections.  After even one of those injections, I started having all sort of side effects....some of which however, predate the injection so it could be coincidence.  The one that most concerns me is the 8 lbs I gained last week.  Yeah: 8lbs in one week!  Rapid weight gain is a side effect and also congestive heart failure can be a result of Cimzia and can also involve rapid weight gain.  But my ankles are not really swollen--which would indicate retaining, meh, I don't think I have reason to worry...I just hope the weight gain does not continue.

On Monday I have another reason to be excited (and NO it is not the urology appointment). A friend gave me a beautiful porcelain tea set for Christmas and it is still snuggled in it's satin lined case...and another friend gave me a gift card from Amazon. I used it to buy two white scroll worked wooden shelves.  They are very pretty and have been sitting on my living room floor for  a week or two now. On  Monday my dad is going to hang those shelves before we leave for the MD.  I can't wait!

Today the big news everywhere is this winter storm which initially the weather people said would be a monster storm (Snowzilla) and then they changed the prediction from 1-2 feet  to mere snow showers. Well it's been snowing hard all day I would say to the weathercasters, "Go with your first gut-felt impulse."  So far we have about 8" parents, an hour south of us have over two feet!  Their heat vent on the roof got clogged with snow and the heat shut off...and I know my dad, never mind that he's pushing 80, he had the ladder out and was ready to climb when the neighbor (their guardian angels) saw him and came out...Turns out their son was  home so he climbed up on the roof.  Thank  the Lord for his protective provision!!

Well, I'm sorry that this post is void of great insight.  I think my brain is atrophying. LOL
Stay warm and dry y'all.

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