How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Worth it all!

Well, GOD is good....he averted the hurricane.  But you know what? Even if he hadn't, he would still be good!!

This is going to be hands are throbbing --each finger goes every which way and there's a lot of swelling....common for me. Common for other people with RA.
And I keep smelling truck fumes ==an olfactory hallucination.... Common for people with SZ. ( I want to know why do I never smell roses? )

Today I read the end of Daniel, Amos and Joel....all that end time prophecy....And then was reading my last Charisma magazine, an entire periodical dedicated ( in this issue) to end times and prophecy... The Blood Moon, the Shemitah and the horrible events to come.  I am sure this awful flooding of the East coast is the consequence of the Blood Moon.

The events to come are frightening.  Just yesterday that shooter in Oregon took out ten people who confessed their faith to his query.  Ten Christians dead.  Will this be considered  a hate crime? It certainly was that...but in this climate, it is common for Christians to bear the burden of being hated.  And it will only get worse.

I think ahead and I tremble.  But I think of the Final outcome....and  God wins!! And all those who confessed his name before men will enter and rule in his kingdom..and there will be peace for 1,000 years. And then the Enemy is released from his captivity and he brings a battle against God's people in Israel and here it comes!  GOD wins hands down...and best of all the enemy is destroyed in a lake of fire ---never to torment again!

We MUST keep the end in sight, no matter how bleak and hopeless it all appears.  No matter how frightening, no matter how  vicious the violence becomes...."It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus!" 

So take heart ...what ever you are going will come to an end and fade into a distant memory when Jesus restores all things to himself.

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