How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jesus--with a CHAINSAW?

Once again, time has slid through my fingers and I see it's been a week since I posted.  Why? Because not much has happened in my life...short of a tree falling and leaving branches on the roof of our garage but the full weight of it landed on the driveway (crossways , blocking our garage entry or in this case, exit)...My husband stalled all day on Sunday and finally at 4:30 PM he went out with  my daughter to try to move it away from the garage...but when he got outside he saw that the tree had been already pulled to the side of the driveway.  Our only guess is that our neighbor--knowing the poor health of everyone in this household--did a kind act of mercy and pulled it aside for us.

So can I make a lesson from this?
Yes, I think I can.   We mess around --seeing how far we can go without getting caught and suddenly there is catastrophe. The whole tree  house  we'd built collapses ---due to rot infesting the core of the tree it was built in and our own core is too weak and sick to do much about it.  We finally get around trying to cover up and somehow sweep the mess to the side so at least we can continue living our life the way we want.   But once we get a glimpse of how powerless we are in the face of our enormous rotten core, we sit in despair wondering how we are going to fix this mess. It looks terminal.  It looks like Satan himself has entered the fray and we are shocked to find that he is not the "King of Fun" but rather the King of Death and Destruction...

So we do the unthinkable.
We pray.
A helpless, pathetic prayer....but when we raise our head and get up from our knees we see something amazing: There is a light at the end of the tunnel we're in.  And the Mess?  It has been swept aside. Paid for at huge cost.  A Death spawned by love and mercy: FOR ME. FOR YOU. And that spilt blood covered and paid for our fallen tree.  The tree had been moved aside enough so that we knew we had to least to say thank you.  But when we prayed, we saw that the tree --although it was pulled to the side--needed to be completely removed.

Enter Jesus.
With a chainsaw.

He chopped that rotten old tree to pieces...loaded it onto this back....his bleeding wrecked back....and carried to where it will never be seen again.  And you suddenly get a glimpse of a mercy so great as to be incomprehensible....and the LOVE behind the mercy.  And you want that love.  You want that love to wash you clean.  Take ALL of the rot out of your filthy heart..   And Jesus comes back to you....your rotten wood cleared and way without a trace.  He holds out a hand, inviting you to follow him where ever he may lead....and you are shocked to find that that is exactly what you want to do. You want that love.
And you will go anywhere and do anything to get it and keep it.
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