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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Can I not See?

I see that the number of visitors has dropped off on my blog.  You have probably checked and checked and there were no new posts ...I apologize...Now that my life has gotten back to some semblance of normal, I will try to get back to a regular writing schedule.

Yesterday my father took me (among other places) to the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) for a checkup on my glaucoma.  During the exam the doctor seemed worried and concerned.  He said my eye pressures were very high and that likely this was a result of being on such a high dose of steroids for so long in the hospital and out.  I am to go back in three weeks to have a recheck.  I  do not know what the next course of action will be.  Surgery? I do not know.  I got the impression that for this period of time ---walking around with such high pressures, I am at risk: at risk for sudden blindness. Honestly I do not think about my future and the fact that chances are high that I will be blind.  I can't even grasp that.  How will I live ? I have no one to help me.  Will I spend the rest of my life sitting in my recliner and groping my way to the bathroom?  People who are blind from birth have such a great advantage over those newly blind.  How can I prepare?

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