How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All that Concerns Me

I'm still in the hospital at the end of my second stay, third week.  I was told today that I have COPD as well as asthma....which explains the Chronic difficulty I have breathing, even when not in the midst of an acute attack.  It also means most likely that I will need to be hefting around an O2 Condenser and to be on 02 for my days.  However, since the PR person was here the other day and told me I would need that, no one else has mentioned it.  I have decided however to purchase my own condenser to save many hundreds of dollars in copays from the insurance company.  Of course then the burden of repair/replacement becomes mine as well when things go wrong.

I will not be going to inpatient rehab this time around.  The doctor decided I'm too independant physically to qualify.   
And then my pulmonologist today, while listening to my crappy lungs told me he thinks I have a lung infection.  I do not need pneumonia now.  He wants a sputum sample which he may not get.  I am terrible at coughing junk up and spitting it out.
Then to top it all off I had a visit from an endo doctor who is investigating sky rocketing liver functions tests.  Could be cirrhosis, a fatty liver, or liver cancer..  I feel it is likely the fatty liver option which I could be treating by eating right, were I at home.  But now he wants all kinds of bloodwork and a liver ultrasound.  I'm praying not to need a liver biopsy...I've heard they are painful.

There was a commercial about a COPD medication that showed an elephant laying on a woman's chest and I'm here to tell you that was an accurate portrayal of how it feels.  My poor dad. Surrounded by respiratory disasters.  He is such a blessing to me and to my mom though...upbeat and helpful.  Always giving...never complaining.  He is my Superman.

So just an update.  I'm still here. Still taking one breath at a time.  Still praying  that God would somehow use all this for his glory and would use it to grow my trust and my faith ....and would grant me that all sustaining peace that is beyond what anyone could describe.  HIS peace....with which he graces me.
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