How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Did you Notice I was Gone? Well , now I'm Back!

I don't have any words of great's 1:15 and I'm looking over at my bed with some degree of longing. However I do want to tell you that I'm back (for those of you who'd noticed I was gone).  My computer wouldn't turn on and at first we thought it was the battery. SO I replaced the battery only to find that it was the cord that was at fault.  So now I'm working with a borrowed cord while I wait for my ordered cord to arrive.

I hate writing on my Kindle. It's good to read on (If I can get the type big enough for my failing eyes) but writing is just a royal pain in the arse.

So I am back to the web-world, full force....and once I think of something good to write about, I will be back....So thank you for not giving up on me....It's great to have a keyboard under my fingers....
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