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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Long and Winding Road

I may have mentioned that once more I'm doing the eating plan designed by Dr Joel Fuhrman---cardiologist and former Olympic Ice Skater.  I had forbidden myself to look at the scale until my six week intro program is complete.  I'm close to half way through that period and it looks like I will have to stay on the stricter version of the meal plan rather than having it ease up. I broke the "NO WEIGHING" dictum.  I didn't lose any weight in the past week which was horribly depressing.  I cannot let that defeat me though...I have to be patient with  the steroid-ridden body of mine.  I do hope that my doctor takes me off of the steroid, however I know that that will reawaken a huge amount of pain and also the return of my asthma problems....However I am getting weaker and weaker and I know that that is the result of the steroids messing with my muscles.  I need to get off of them and quickly.

Today I bought two  shirts that were two sizes smaller than my other ones are....and they fit.  So something is happening in this body of mine.  The pants are the bigger problem since I carry all my weight around my middle.  These are two  or three sizes smaller than I wore at my heaviest.

Just thinking about this made me hungry (I guess that is how I deal with disappointment)...I made a two ingredient ice cream cookie.  

Banana Ice cream sandwich

Intrigued? I was too.  I attempted it once before but had added some almond milk to make it creamier but I added too much so the ice cream was half melted....and to top it off, I put the ice cream directly on the hot "cookie" which only melted it.  It was a complete failure.
This time I used my mini chopper/food processor (instead of the blender) and I baked the cookies first so they would cool  while I was making the ice cream worked perfectly. The ice cream was the right consistency.  I put them onto a plate and put it in the freezer to harden even more.  I cooked the cookies at 380* for 9 minutes.  This worked out perfectly.

I'm looking forward to having it for dessert.  The question is: what do I have for dinner?  I was kind of bad at maybe a salad is in  order.  I bought a pre-made lettuce and greens bag of salad. One of them had baby kale in it so that sounds very good.
Sorry to be obsessing about what I put in my mouth.   It's one of these "welcome to my life" blogs.  And really maybe no one is interested....but maybe you will  make  a guilt-free ice cream sandwich so all is not lost.
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