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Sunday, March 22, 2015

One thing and Another

It has been a while since I've written.  There is not that much going on.  I am reading a good book called "The Mystery of God" is quite an undertaking. It has words in it that I have to look up--and that rarely happens.  I have a pretty good vocabulary so I am always delighted to find a book that challenges me and teaches me some new words.  I love the feature in Kindle where you just tap a word and up pops the definition.  I used to keep a notebook with words in it that I'd encountered but did not know...and I would look up the definitions in my huge Websters and then look over them from time to time to review. That's the only problem with the only get one chance to learn the cannot review it. And also the very act of writing out the definition helps with recollection.  Maybe I should still keep the  notebook...only skip lugging out the Websters...just use the Kindle definitions but write them out.  I'm going to look for that notebook today.

I got new glasses.  THREE pair of new glasses!  I wanted to get progressives however I have prisms in my lenses because I have double vision...and for each level, closeup, intermediate (computer), and distance, there were a different number of diopters --so progressives were impossible.  I did get the Transition lenses in my distance I could do away with sunglasses.  And these lenses maintain a slight tint which the doctor said would be good for my eyes and the glaucoma. The doctor, a nice young blonde lady, gave me the sense that she was very sympathetic.  I think she knows how bad my eyes are and that they are only going to get worse.  I bombed out of another field vision test.

Because I am continually switching glasses and need to have them at hand at all times, I bought these very pretty doohickeys that attach to your clothing with a powerful magnet and they have a loop on them to hold your glasses.  I got two loops (and one of the loops comes with three different designs for the outside of my shirt) so those will hold two pairs and my face will hold the other pair :)  I have been wearing my glasses all the time now, which I never used to (never since high school anyway).  Now I am so blind that it is really no longer an option not to wear them.

What are my feelings about losing my vision?
I'm scared to death.  I can deal with being in a wheelchair....I've done that before.  But being blind is a whole different story.  I think it will be terrifying...and especially so because my hearing is not good either.  I had encephala/spinal meningitis and it damaged my vision as well as my hearing....and it left me with a drooping eyelid and a crooked smile.  But I guess I should not complain....I very nearly died, so I should be grateful to be alive.  ( I should --not that I am). I don't know if there are places a newly blind person can go to learn how to a school for the Blind.  Would I learn Braille? I suppose I should...however my fingers are partly numb from peripheral neuropathy...and I don't know if they are sensitive enough to be able to distinguish the letters. I know I should install Dragon software on my computer and learn how to use it while I still have vision.  But I haven't done it.  Somehow that would be making it seem too real.  Too imminent. 

well I need to go and get ready for church.  Have a blessed Sunday.

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