How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Case Worker Blues

It's 2:20 AM....I'm awake and want to write, but have absolutely nothing in mind to say. 
I'm still missing my old caseworker, Maureen.  I had no idea how attached I was to her,--until she left.  I'm sure her replacement is a nice lady---But I have no connection to her whatsoever.  When I see her all she does is  type into her computer...doesn't say a word to me.  I would like to ask for someone else,, but I know the only other person whom I could see is Richard, the manager of the office.  It is possible that he would agree to see me--but I'm not sure how much better he would be.  When I saw him for a while in between case workers, he wasn't interested in talking about anything "interior."  The whole situation leaves me tearful and despairing.

I need some help and I'm not getting it from any avenue.
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