How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, January 10, 2015

One of Those Days

Have you ever had a morning when you quickly realize that you just should have stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head?  Today has been like thatt.  First, I poured the only  remaining coffee creamer--into the bowl of sugar instead of into my coffee! Grrrr. no coffee!
Then I was really hungry so made an early breakfast....and while I was slicing the Kaiser roll,  I also sliced  my finger....ran to the bathroom for a bandaid dripping blood everywhere.  THEN, while trying to get an egg from the refrigerator, I dropped one and it broke right inside the door of the fridge.  I do have something to be thankful was only the second to last egg in the carton so I was still able to make my breakfast

Yesterday was not so hot either. My daughter has been sick with the flu for about a week now.  So trying to keep her comfortable, then dealing with a rude and very nasty doctor at the Urgent Care where she had gone earlier in the week and then she broke out in  a rash from the antibiotic (she also got a  sinus infection)...So when I called him up to get a script for a new antibiotic --I had to deal with this nasty man who has no right to be caring for people because it is obvious he didn't know what "caring" meant.  So by the time my husband came home I was in NO mood to deal with anything I ended up telling him to "leave me alone" when he said to me "what's your problem?" and that didn't go over well either.

In fact ....going back to bed is what I'm gonna do right now.
Sorry for the short post...I haven't written in a while and felt like I needed to let  you know I'm still around...for better or for worse.
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