How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out of a Bind

This morning I took a shower….and I brought a zip up the front robe to put on as I dried up.  Well I got the robe on but somehow on my wet body things got twisted and the robe was wrapped tightly around my neck and shoulders and I could NOT escape …it was a veritable straitjacket.  My husband was practicing his drums and I knew if I interrupted him, he would “not be happy.” (quotes indicative of a “mild” understatement).  So I prayed.  

“Lord please show me how to get out of this….It really hurts and I’m trapped”

And it was the strangest thing.  I often have hallucinations which I call “videos” …they are brief scenes and usually make no sense whatsoever.  But God told me “Watch” and there before my eyes was a video of me picking the robe up by its lower hem and pulling that up over my head and from there I would have “wiggle room” enough to pull the robe off.  It was something that never occurred to me to try….I did try it and it worked magically.

God is interested In your simplest  and most complicated binds….Ask him, he’s waiting to show you the way out.
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