How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts in a changing world

I apologize for the length of time that has passed since my last post. 
I finished editing my book and then had a program error in my Microsoft Word.  I was able to fix it by saving my book under another title and then rebooting.  The problem righted itself.  Needless to say I was in quite a panic thinking I'd lost my manuscript.  I wish I knew what direction I was going to take with that  project.  Self publishing?  Or traditional?  I don't know and I have no idea in which direction it will go or when.

Are you ready for the bridegroom's arrival? Are your lamps trimmed? Do you have enough oil to keep them burning?  Are you dressed in the proper attire to attend the wedding feast?

Did you see the video of the beheading of the Christian journalist John Foster?  I shuddered when I saw the opening picture on the video...this enormous man, the executioner dressed all in black and John kneeling on the ground in front of this black-dressed devil.  I could not watch the video ....On on one hand, I wanted to.  But it made me too sick. Not sick at the grotesqueness. But sick at the blatant sin.  Sick that this is what is happening constantly to God's people.   Right now John is seated in the heavenlies and his blood calls from the ground testifying to the sin of the murderers..  Calling out to God for justice and retribution.

God will come to finally establish his kingdom....He will oust the murderers and send them to an eternity in hell.  But before that time there is more to come.  More bloodshed. More fear.  More courage.  I pray for those who suffer at the hands of the enemies.  I pray God's grace and mercy on them.  I pray that their courage and love and kindness will win the hearts of their captors.

I challenge the media to testify to the truth of what is happening in this world. To stop telling us stories of  puppies and kittens being mistreated and to start talking about the lives that are being lost...The fact that people are fleeing their homes and all of their possessions.  The fact that there is an enemy in this world.  Enemies that have committed themselves to destroy the followers of the God in Heaven..  An enemy who has dedicated themselves to destroy the lifestyle of those of us in this free country. Free for now.  But how long will it be free? It will only remain free if the people of God will stop playing church and get on their faces in prayer for our country.  "If My people will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land" ....Heal us from what?  Materialism?  The damage done by our enemies?  The empty souls of the American people who prefer to close their eyes...not in prayer but simply because they prefer blindness than to understand the danger that confronts us as a people is we deny the God of Israel.  It is time to wake up.  It is time to weep and pray.  It is time to stand behind our brothers and sisters in the middle east and Africa as they suffer at the hands of their (OUR) enemies.

I'm sorry to go on a tirade.  But these things have been heavy on my heart.  Why does no one talk about them? Is it fear?  Fear gives the enemy power.  It is when we stand up in LOVE and say to them, "There is a God in Heaven who loves you too....but unless you humble yourself in prayer and give up your sinful ways, you will suffer for an eternity in payment for the wrongs you have perpetrated on God's people."  Ask God to grant you courage when the time comes when you shall need it.  Ask him to grant you love for your enemies.


These are our weapons.  Make use of them.  Don't love God from a far off.  Draw close.  Let him whisper in your ear.  And then do as he says.

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