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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Poem regarding that which is in the Offing

Not FarAhead
CynthiaLott Vogel
All rights reserved
8- 15-14
The trees speak easy whispers
To the bite of the air as it blows in hue.
In furrowed gardens, out peek gourds and squash,
Making ready for the autumnal spread.
Pumpkins baked and their meat blended
All in readiness for that fall flavor
That makes me think of hayrides,
 Warm quilts and hot cider.
Even though it is still mid August
The chilly breeze has me lighting candles
My tomatoes hang callow on the vine…
Weather’s bite chased away blushing cheeks…
And left them feeling rather green.
This year my home d├ęcor that celebrates autumn
Will remain boxed. 
The squash soups will be purchased, not homemade.
My hallmark apple butter and fresh applesauce:
All Forgone:
Sacrificed on the altar of grim pain,
Weak and sick,
I will treasure the glimpse of Fall from my window. 

I will light my candles and in their robust autumn scents,
I will recall hayrides past and orchard visits.
The key to stall bitterness is to not “go there”…
Sweet memories you may treasure but not with
Sadness; rather with gratitude; thankfulness--
Treasure each golden, rusty leaf and the plink of acorns.                                                                                              
Watch the squirrels flurry as they gather winter’s fare.
See the woolybear fluff along and know that winter is
Not Far ahead.
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