How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Standing on the Brink

Have you ever seen cliff divers in the middle of the tropics somewhere where there is a gushing waterfall and alongside at the top of the falls is a rock outgrowth from whence men with more nerves than brains, leap down into the whirling mass of water.  Why am I talking about this?  Truth is itbecause I am about to do a dive.  I've been talking for years about finally getting my book ready to sell/'s been a fairy tale so long that I cannot read the small print that says "This is a true story"....Because it has become a true story.

By the grace of God and some of his people, I am now readying my manuscript to publish.  It's a massive job...and I think I should read the book backwards because there have been so many times when I read it and edited it....that the first half is in pretty good shape.....but the back maybe not so much.  I want to hand it to the publisher for the editors review in as good a shape as I can manage.  Its made a little difficult by the fact that the publisher's rules for formatting are completely different than any standard rules I've seen anywhere else.  But since they are looking for LESS formatting rather than more, it should hopefully be not too difficult.

There are some things that are in God's hands-(-Well THAT was a stupid thing to say!!!  ALL things are in God's hands.) Isn't it true that we daily walk in his grace, love, protection, kindness, justice...etc etc.  It's only when we are in jeopardy of danger of some type that we have to remind ourselves Who it is exactly is who has our back..  I have to remind myself that it's MY story that I'm telling.  And it is GOD who has empowered me to write.  And since it is so very much a "God thing"  I should rest in in complete ease and calmness of heart  that assures me that it will get done and it will work the way God wants it to work,

There were many times when I shelved this manuscript thinking, the whole thing is too impossible.  I also know that editors do not want to work with people who have mental illness, especially schizophrenia.....And it is that truth that led me to  desire self publishing.  But no kidding...that costs WAY more money than I have.  Enter God:  Enter Solution.

So folks...start saving your pennies...It will be awhile until it's done but probably faster than we all think. 

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