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Saturday, June 14, 2014

There's an App for that

I have recently gotten a Kindle Fire...and do you know there is an APP called "Mobile Knee" where you can list your concerns, flesh them out with details and then once they are answered, you can move them into the answered list?  It's really pretty cool and it has kept me honest: when I tell someone "I'll pray for you": I really do: rather than forgetting my promise after one day.  However, there is a trick that these prayer list  booklets and apps pull. They make you think that by listing our concerns, our  job is done.  Kind of like leaving a "honey -do" list on the kitchen table and hoping that  our husband will come along, pick it up and run off to do our bidding with joy in his heart that  we have finally noticed them. And worse, that we are patting ourselves on the back for  our "time" with our husband
 I don't think that that constitutes a prayer time. It could be an outline to follow....but honestly, my list is so long that if I were to work my way through it each day, I would get nothing else done.  And what lover likes to be presented with 30 items to take care of--just as an expression of our love for him!!

So what is to be done?
You  could go without a list.  But if you are like will forget 9/10ths of the people you  promised to  pray for, let alone standing issues like Israel and our government and our personal flaws and items for confession.

You could pick one or two items for each day and really "pray them up."  And to make it a well  rounded feast...choose one current event that calls to your heart  ...Confess yourself clean. Talk to your  Lover about your needs. Spend  time rejoicing  and praising him.  Even this approach may seem daunting.
So  why don't you  go snuggle up on his lap lean your head against his chest and wait for him to speak?
He may lead you to pray for someone on your list....or he may just want to be close to you and to have your unbroken attention.

Yes there will be days when you go in like the  charge of the Light  Brigade, and pray for every person on your list.  But don't do that every day. Warriors  don't battle  every day.   Some days they sharpen their swords and sometimes they go to (fellowship) meals and trade war stories and brag on their Leader.

There is a place for  everything , And a time for everything...and everything must be balanced for it to get proper attention to the areas which need us.
The most important thing is to remember who is in charge. It is not the Warrior. It is the Captain from whom we are to receive direction.   So hear with your  ears open...not your mouth.  And you have two ears---and one mouth. So listen twice as much as you speak.
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