How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, April 28, 2014


Using an ace bandage around my foot and ankle and walking, even in my house, with my cane. My right foot is in agony.  It's unwrapped now because I'm pretty much off of it for the night. But wow. It really hurts.  Just another outburst of RA.

I got my new mini Bible in the NASB (New American Standard Bible) with the large print.It's little, just fits in your hand....but the text is very readable. I was using my favorite Pentel HiLiter (8 colors of lead in one pen-cil.) and somehow messed it up.  I used to have three of those only can find one. Grrrrr.  I will have to order another one. I found one for $14 but they wanted $13 for shipping. No way. Have to keep looking.  I also need to find my supply of extra leads.....I know what they are IN...just don't know where THAT is. Anyway.,  The reason for all of this is that I want to use this Bible for Memory work. Ideally I would like to go through it and highlight every passage I know by heart. And then continue to work through a book at a time.  It really is slow going. SO far I've only learned 7 verses of the first chapter of 1 John.
I guess that is not "nuthin"  - 7 verses is 7 verses more than I knew last week.

I also have been investigating writing opps.  I sent in an idea to Her-Meneutics, a subsidiary of Christianity Today. We shall see if they have interest in my article.  I wasn't too convincing in my pitch.  I could have been a bit more creative and expressive, so I would not be surprised if they are not interested....which is a shame because I think the article is pretty good.  Maybe I will look elsewhere to send it if I don't hear from CT in a couple of weeks. The other option is to print the article here in my blog. According to CT's terms, I would be allowed to do that.

I spoke to someone today about self publishing. If only I could come up with $1899. No small change! The lady I spoke to said to ask some of my doctors if they would be willing to fund some of the cost.  I can't imagine  myself having that much chutzpah....but if I can't come up with any other ideas, I may consider it. What I was thinking of doing was writing like mad and selling as many articles, stories and poems as I can and putting aside the money I earn that way and put it all toward the book. Can I earn that much?  Really in a year--it would be a pittance ...It really must be possible- It just may take some time.

The question is "Does God want this book written?" He hasn't let the idea die. He kept prodding me to continue.
I am so different than so many of these lady Christian writers are. I'm so much more irreverent.  I think that is largely because I'm living in a "pagan" environment since my family are not believers. Is that an excuse?  I have a passionate relationship with God. I pray constantly. I study and read....I've dealt with demon activity head on and been victorious. But why am I not a soft spoken smiling lady who smells like gingerbread?

I do think God "likes me" the way I am. At least I hope so. Anything else would be a pretense. Well Lord, Like me--Or change me. I'm willing to be changed. I'm Yours.  Make me into the warrior/priestess/bride You want me to be...And if I am already pleasing to You, could You please let me know?
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