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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Good News of RevelationThe Good News of Revelation by Larry Helyer

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The Good  News of Revelation
Larry Helyer
Ed Cyzewski
In the introduction of this  book, promises were made that it would not be another book to scare you silly when talking about the final battle between good and evil and the judgment of men, both believers and unbelievers. The writers did say that they believe that Christians will have to face the tribulation but that  God's wrath against mankind would not touch his  children, although there would still be much to endure at the hands of men and the need  for perseverance  will remain. However  we may draw comfort from God's promises-especially those where he promises never to leave us or forsake us.

The book had two or three scenes where the first Christians were dealing with persecution from the Romans and I must say that these scenes added life and color to the book...Were they  not there it would have been tough  going  to discern between the authors' beliefs and  Scripture's teachings on the topics of persecution  and the questions as to whether or not hell is a place of interminable suffering or whether those being punished would be extinguished along with hell's fire and  Death itself.

It was a short book that covered a lot of material. I enjoyed reading it....especially the scenes I mentioned before where there were characters created to help give  life to the book and its  theories.
I do feel that the topic of the last days was only briefly touched upon.   It seemed that they did not anticipate literal dragons  and did not anticipate that  Christians would be affected by the mass destruction of mankind and by the horrible natural disasters in the last days  But here, I may have completely misunderstood this point.   They did not spend much time on it or serve to clear up any fogginess in the future.`
I do wish there was a little more clarity on these issues toward the end of the  book. The book was interesting, well written, and made at least this  reader  think a bit-- if only to question some of my beliefs which were engendered by such books as "Left Behind" and "A Thief in the Night" as well as  several hellfire and brimstone sermons from my childhood that made me leave the light on at night for some weeks. 
Times will be difficult.  If you live in Sudan or other middle East countries and you are a Christian: times are already tough.  The good news is that  he who is in us and with us, is greater than he who is in them and he has promised never to leave us nor forsake us. ...NO MATTER WHAT.

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