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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Inevitable Resolves

Now,does the fact that I cannot recall a single one of my New Year's "Resolves"from last year only go to show you that calling them "Resolves"really doesn't make a stitch of difference in their longevity.  Well, I do recall that I aimed  to read the Bible in a year.  I did well for about 5 or 6 months and then missed three or four days which discouraged me....I should have just skipped that portion and then  picked it up....Instead I tried to catch up and got more and more behind....Finally I gave up.

Now I have the Bible Gateway app on my tablet so that may help me keep up....although I do like the feel of my Bible in my hands.  I will probably do a combination of both. I haven't looked at it carefully. I would like to do a different reading plan....I must have read the first half of the Bible ten times I only made it through the whole thing ONCE. That is terrible.  And what's even more terrible is the thought of reading through Numbers and Leviticus again.And what is even MORE terrible is my shame at the thought of my dreading reading a portion of God's precious Word.

OK.So that resolve will remain.
What else?
The most common resolution made--and the one most commonly broken--is to lose weight.  Maybe I can watch a Netflix movie on my tablet while  I bike.  There has to be some motivation to get me into my basement gym.However I am having shoulder replacement surgery on the 21st of this month. So I think honestly I should wait until I am fully recovered before I try working out. So we will skip this goal.

How about eating right?  Again,the surgery is going to be an impediment....unless I can get Alexa to help. At any rate....even if I have no way of cooking right I can at least not eat sweets and junk.And I can curb my portion sizes....and start using the smaller plate again. And I can make it a goal to eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies.

Another goal is to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to prayer.And guess what?  There's an App for that!

And review past passages of Scripture that I've memorized and to learn some new ones.  Hand write the verses on the 4x6 cards and put them on a loop clip so I can continue to review them.

So my guess is that these are all the same ones that I had set for last year.

My last goal is concerning my finances. 1) Re-start a savings goal. 2)Give God His share.  I pretty much HAVE been tithing...but I want to be more mindful of it.I want to give God His share immediately. First Fruits....

So they say "Those who aim at nothing reach their goal"And "it is better to have aimed and failed than never to have aimed at all"

I may have aimed at too many things...I will focus on reading God's Word and prayer.Even if I only manage to stick to these two goals...that will be an accomplishment.

God bless your New Year....may he grant you the mindfulness and self discipline to make and reach your goals.
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