How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hate me; Hate my blog

I just looked at the date on my last post. 11/06/13...I apologize.  But maybe I need to mostly apologize for not having any thoughts to share, more than for not writing at all.  I've stopped reading.  Writing.  Thinking. almost stopped praying...I have been knitting.

Knitting makes a good substrate for the colors of prayer.  However my colors are minimal...a limited palette. The Lover of my soul is waiting to hear from me...dare I turn away?  Not just "dare I"but "Am I stupid enough to "?

On one of my forums recently they were surveying the participants to see how many of us blog. Oddly it was just me and one of the moderators who do.  And even more odd was the antagonism some people held toward bloggers. It was as though every owner of every banal thought put together a blog based on the mundaness of their existance and held the web surfer at knife point insisting that they read every painful account of every trivial matter in the blogger's life.

If this is how you see me....well,you would be partly right.  A lot of what I say is banal and trivial. However sometimes what STARTS as nothing can gain steam and end up with some important insight.  This is how art is born.  A tired line.  Some chalky smudges....and then steam gathers...and intensity builds and suddenly your substrate is singing. 

I rarely have an idea when I start out of where I will end up.  But almost always I begin with my hip boots on plodding in the mire of my days...I'm sorry if it tires you to get stuck in my life. Truth is: it tires me as well...But It's what I have.  It's where and who I am. What is the purpose of a blog? Isn't it to get to know someone you would otherwise never meet?  Isn't it to view their take on life, faith, art...challenges...?  If you want theory go read doctrine.  If you want to view a their biography.  If you want to KNOW a their blog.  The knowledge is not always flattering. 
Sometimes I whine.
Often I flounder.
But I promise, I'm real.
And I promise you are excused from reading another word if you feel that you are drowning in my life.
I write to meet you.
I write to find myself.
I write to meet God and show you my discoveries of Him.  You are always welcome to join me. 
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