How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Authenticity only goes so Far

I have written my posts for day's three and four in this series I have been doing on David Hampton's book "Our Authentic Selves" and I posted today's segment. But I re-read it with the eyes of people in my life who may be reading...and they play parts in my life's story.  And I have decided to pull Day 3 from my post lineup and am going to have to continue my writing through the chapters in this book: privately.  I understand the need to be authentic...and I am willing to be.  However some of the people in my life may not want their stories to to be published for the world to see.  So I have to continue writing for my own benefit...and I would urge you to  purchase this book for yourself and to do what I am doing....write out your answers for each day's question posed by the author.

If I come across a chapter that I think I could appropriately publish...I will do so.
Thanks for taking the journey with me this far.  I hope you will stop by again soon and see what God has impressed on me to write for your benefit.
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