How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Place in the Heavens

My days slip by like drips of water on a clothesline after a rain.  One by one they fall, faster and faster.....leaving nothing but a puddle in their wake.  I strive for health and arm wrestle with pain.  I search for meaning and crash against the breast of God....his chest muffles my screams and absorbs my tears.  Strong arms for leaning.  For carrying.  My weight does not bow his shoulders....I'm an easy burden for him. 

Today many people awake to a jobless future.  Layoffs at my husband's place of employment leave many in fear and dread of the future. Single moms.  Dads whose whole family depends on their salary. It didn't happen to us.  But what if it did?  Would I still trust?  Would I still be bold in proclaiming his provision?

Days pass by.  They are eked out of God's calendar, falling like splashing droplets of a baptismal fount.  Where is the meaning in a day spent in solitude? What is the purpose of my life?  Of any life?  I'm meant to declare his glory....along with the heavens and the firmament.
The stars shout out their songs in the vast silence of space....but maybe space isn't silent.  Maybe it's a rock concert of rotating nebulae, a clapping--applauding roaring scream of praise.

Maybe that is purpose enough.  Our day has value....not if it is painless....not if it deposits money into our account...not if we scrub and clean and polish....Not if we teach, instruct and shape....not if we create and paint and sculpt.....Not if we work, provide and toil....
 ...But only if we praise and add to the concert of stars.
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