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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who Reigns?

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Today marks the first day of the second week of eating in a nutrarian manner as defined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in his book "Eat to Live."  After gaining and losing the same five pounds over and over for the past two years I am delighted to report steady weight loss on this program.  The total for last week was 7 pounds.  Not too shabby for one week.  I've noted improvement in my breathing and in my anxiety levels...not one anxiety attack all week! Not one Ativan!  And I've stopped my really really annoying habit of making a moan-like noise with each labored breath.  I know I do that because it's part of my struggle to draw a breath but it is embarrassing and kind of ridiculous.  Maybe now it will be history.

My husband is doing this program also in an attempt to save his life from the heart disease that has been threatening him.  He has been less excited about the diet than I have been but he is making strides.   Today he flung a Dunkin Donut out of his car window finding that it tasted disgusting to him!  Our taste buds are being renewed and refreshed by eating like this....and what USED to tempt us and sound good to us, now is disgusting and unappealing.

I have to restrain myself....I know that my excitement can be annoying to some people and face it: the way people eat is personal and that little idol is too close to the heart for them to want to hear that maybe it is made of clay.  It is possible also for healthy food to be an idol.  It is possible for a raw vegan to be consumed by their food rather than having their food consumed by them.  It is this lesson I'm preaching to myself.  Just because my food is healthy doesn't mean that it is impossible that I'm paying an unhealthy amount of attention to it.  Is God getting the glory?  Do I think about him more than I think about food?  Honestly in the past couple of days, food has gotten more brain time and space than God has....and that is a dangerous state of affairs.

It is now that I need to embrace the book "Made to Crave" and make sure that GOD is the object of my craving ...not food, healthy or unhealthy.  If I was this excited about God what would it look like??  What if it were he that I couldn't stop talking about?  OH LORD....forgive my wandering lusting heart.  Forgive the vanity that begs me to look good and thin.  Forgive me for proselytizing about food instead of about You.  Forgive me for looking forward to meals more than  I look forward to my private times with You.

Rein me in O God.
Reign in me O God.
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