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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jesus in Need?

Today was a beautiful day. I did what everyone likes to do on beautiful days: tried to get some  yard work done.  My goal was to unearth my flower plot from the leaves which covered it 10" deep.  I leave the leaves there for the winter to protect my plants from the harsh cold and then each spring, I
dig the leaves away and cart them to the nearby woods.  Today as I raked, my breathing became more rapid and more strained.  By the time I had carted a huge bag full of leaves to the woods and was attempting to shake it empty, I was doubled over gasping.  Freaking asthma.  I hate it.

I staggered into the house and made it to my nebulizer and oxygen condenser.  It took a number of minutes of both before I could breathe relatively easily again.  So I have a job 3/4 of the way done that I had to abandon.  I have a number of other jobs around the yard to do as well....and these will have to be left undone as well until I can get some help.  I hate asking for help.  But it's something I've had to do more and more frequently as the years have gone by.  Limitations by pain, weakness or lack of air have made me more and more dependent on the strengths and good nature of others.

It just occurred to me.  Did Jesus ever ask for help?  Did he ever have to?  I just thought of one the Garden of Gethsemane when he asked his disciples to stay up with him and pray.  And they failed him in this.  Jesus was in need....and I believe it is the only recorded time in Scripture---nope.  When he was in the wilderness being tempted, he was in need and angels attended him.  But he did not have to ask a human for help then.  The only time he relied on humans was in the Garden....and they failed him miserably.

Jesus usually relied on his Father for help.  In feeding the 5000 and 3000 thousands, he prayed and asked God for help.  In the wilderness, God sent him angelic aid.  In healing Lazarus, he asked God but he really just THANKED God for hearing him....before he even expressed his need.  I think that this all means that I need to be bringing my needs more to the Father before I bring them to people.  Jesus was not self sufficient.  He was God-reliant. As he said in John over and over, "I do nothing on my own.  I only do what my Father tells me to do.  I say what he tells me to say." I can say, "but I'm not Jesus, How can I be as sufficient as he was?"  But the answer to that is "I CAN" because I have the very same Father that He had when he was on earth.

When Jesus relied on God, things got done.  When he relied on man; they went undone.  A simple but powerful message to us.  To me.  Girl....who's your Daddy??
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