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Friday, February 8, 2013

Narrow Gate Prayers

I just finished reading a bunch of different Bible passages.  I'm reading through the Bible in a year following the Daily Bible by John MacArthur...which gives a long Old Testament reading, a psalm,a proverb and a NT reading.  Today several things struck me....The garments of the OT priest were being designed and described and he wore a plaque made out of fine stone on whch was engraved "HOLINESS TO THE LORD" or "Qadosh" to the Lord.  Qadosh is my screen name so that expression is special to me.  So when we approach God or when we are carrying out his service our main quality should be that of dedication or separation to the Lord...We are to be distinct from the rest of the world and set apart for God's service.  We are his people; a kingdom of Priests in service to the Lord.

Then I read how in the last days people are going to be precoccupied with eating drinking marriages etc. which is the reverse of the attitude of "Qadosh".....we, as Christians, are not to be consumed with the things of this world but be fixed on Christ.  Be separate.  be focused.

Then I read "Ask and you will recieve, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened.  God as a good father knows how to give good gifts to his children.  Wide is the gate leading to destruction and narrow the path to salvation.

So what does all of this conjoin to mean?  It is easy to become satisfied with small weak prayers.  Prayers that circle around our eating and drinking and being given in marriage.  Prayers that keep us safe.  Prayers that keep us healthy.  But are these the kinds of things God wants us to be praying?

As a priestess wearing the brand, "Holy (separate, dedicated) to the Lord"  what are the narrow gate prayers with which I should be approaching the altar?  How about prayers like, "Lord show me how to use my gift of _________ to serve you and your people in a radical way."  "Lord, remove my fear of ________so that I can serve you by doing _________instead....a thing that is impossible for me to do now shackled by this fear."  or "Lord grant me forgiveness and love for ________.  Help me to cherish him or her regardless of the evil she /he has done me. Help me to form a holy bond with them." How about , "Lord could you heal me of this disease or illness so that I may serve you full time, sold out; poured out in ministry for you and your people.?" Or, "Lord, help me to overcome my sin of gluttony and laziness and get my body in shape and healthy and strong so that I can serve you better and be a better witness."

These are big, bold, Kingdom prayers. and they are the kinds of things the narrow path treaders pray.
I want to be Holy (Qadosh) to the Lord. I want to move him to pour out good and beneficial gifts in my life in  response to my prayers. Praying prayers for safety or to maintain the status quo are weak, cowardly prayers.  God wants us to pray beyond. to SEE beyond. to DESIRE beyond.  He does not want us to go around eating and drinking and going to social functions and have our lives consist of that alone.  Friends, that is the HIGHWAY to HELL.  Nope, I'm gonna find me a tiny gate and squeeze myself through it and start trudging that uphill climb , asking God to give me Hind's feet for the High places.

I've been praying all wrong.  I've been focused on safety and not on risk.  And I've forgotten that being in the center of my FAther's will is the safest place to be by far.
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