How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Can't Touch This!

When I last wrote I was in the middle of a landslide.  Yet I declared my faith in my God and in his ability and willingness to take the mess of our lives and to turn the situations around into goodness and blessing.  And God did not let me down.  Our insurance company paid almost double what we'd anticipated it paying.  We have a conditional approval for our car loan from a bank....all we need is some papers to be filled out.  It may be three weeks before we get our new car and our rental ends on the 18th.  But God intervened here as well and brought us the loan of a truck to bridge the gap.  With the development of every problem was the birth of a new grace.  God returned every lob of the enemy with a slam that kept us in the game.

It has been an amazing week.  And I'm left asking myself "why?"  Was it for the benefit of family members--so that they could see the miracles of God's love for them?  Honestly, I'm not sure that they were paying any  attention.  So maybe all of this was for my benefit??  I've been struggling with anxiety....random panics and attacks of fear.  And yesterday I read an article that said the only real remedy for an anxious heart is a God-sized view of God himself.  If I am able to see God work wonder after wonder in order to save our butts from financial catastrophe then every quaver and waver of anxiety really should be chased away.  I should be able to lie down and sleep in peace because it is the Lord who keeps me in safety.  That is the safest most fear-free place for anyone to be: held in the palm of God's hand.  Here, nothing can touch me.  Here there is no enemy large enough; no threat ominous enough to cause my heart to skip a single beat.

I pray every day for the people who are blind to God's goodness.  I pray that God will tear the blinders from their eyes and touch their hearts with true understanding.  I pray that this will transpire before the day when God draws the line.  But for now, I can view the events of the past week with awe and admiration for the ways the Lord has worked on our behalf and I can praise him for these wonders.  I can chase away every shred of anxiety; every part of my heart that dares to question the goodness of God's heart and his provision for me.  I can rest in complete calm knowing that there is NOTHING on this earth that can touch me apart from the love of God for me and the safety in which he has me couched.

How great is our God!! How majestic is his Name!!
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