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Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's in the BAG

I've decided, late in the game, to take the WEGO Healthpartners challenge and blog every day on a topic that they assign....I get to pick one of two topics.  Today, the topic I choose to write on is, "What is in my bag or backpack every day."  Hmm.  I guess you can tell a lot about a person from what they carry in their bag.

In my bag--which btw is a huge handwoven duffle in which everything sinks to the bottom--first off is my Samsung cell phone.  It's  a trakfone with prepaid minutes, but it does access the internet....and has a camera and all the bells and whistles of most phones these days.  The cell phone is on me at all times, even in my house in case I fall or in case my hip pops out of the socket again and I need to call Emergency Services.

I have my pink leather handmade wallet, made by Native Americans which holds whatever cash I have at the moment, my health insurance cards, my ID cards for my two false hips (which are useful when I set off metal detectors), my store discount cards, my VISA/ATM card and my licence which I keep up even though I no longer drive...because, well, you never know.

I have my aerosol inhalers for asthma which hold albuterol and atrovent in them which will try to head off an attack of respiratory distress if I'm not at home within reach of my nebulizer.

I have my keys which are on a strap for easy grabbing...My house key and my mail key. more car keys.

I have a bottle of pain medications, (actually two bottles) which I carry so that I will not be arrested for possession of narcotics...they will SEE that it is MY prescription and will hopefully leave me alone on that regard.

I have my handicap placard which has its home in my purse because I'm more often in the cars of friends than I am in our car, driven by my my placard goes with me.

I have a very pretty notepad that I bought somewhere intrigued by its design

I have a SUPERSIZED pen which my friend got for me at a car repair shop...When she saw the gigantic size she knew I just had to have one as I'm forever  frustrated by scrawny anorexic pens like Bics which oddly enough even my rheumatologist office uses...go figure.  My hands do NOT wrap themselves around a skinny my monster pen makes me very happy.

I also often have a built up fork, knife and spoon set in my purse, because for example, when I 'm eating in a mall foodcourt or at a church pot luck supper....well, plastic cutlery and I do NOT get a long....for the same reasons that skinny pens and I do not jive.  These lumpy crippled hands just do not do business with a small bendy short I must bring my own.

I also carry a new testament Bible put out by The Gideons....It was given to me by my roommates' mom two psych hospitalizations ago when I'd been brought to the hospital without my Bible. This little blue covered book means a great deal to me and I try to make sure to have it always at hand.

other than things like lip balms, hand lotion, hair brushes/combs and the like, that's about it for the contents of my bag....OH and it also holds my two pair of glasses that I use more out of the house than I do IN the house.

So , what's in YOUR bag???
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